Gliedverschluss Karabiner für Anhänger  Verlängerungsglied Gold Silber ELIZA WEISS
Gliederkette in Silber ELIZA WEISS
Gliederketten in Gold und Silber mit großen und feinen Gliedern ELIZA WEISS

‘rectangle clasp’ | link clasp | single

This claps in form of a wide rectangular link is a  multifunctional tool. You can use it to prolong your necklaces, bracelets and anklets ‘endless triangle mix’ necklace‘endless pearl mix’ necklace oder ‘endless rectangle’ necklace. There are endless possibilities for you to play around. Best companion ever! Available in silver or with 14k gold plating.

Sold as single

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  • link clasp, carabine clasp
  • looks like a wide, rectangular link
  • approx. 7mm wide
  • to prolong your necklaces, bracelets and anklets
  • e.g. ‘endless triangle mix’ or ‘endless rectangle’
  • material
    • 925 silver or
    • 925 silver with 14k gold plating
  • sold as single