Gliederkette in Silber mit großen Gliedern ELIZA WEISS

‘endless triangle mix’ | necklace

An apparently endless mix from triangle links, you already know from our ‚triangle collection‘, and wide rectangle links. Because of the extraordinary clasp in form of a rectangle link, the necklace seems to have no beginning and no end. You never wanna lay down this necklace again. It is the perfect partner to the ‘endless triangle mix bracelet‘.


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  • a mix of
    • wide rectangle links (width approx. 7mm) and
    • triangular links
  • necklace is available in length
    • 40 cm
    • 49 cm
  • clasp looks like one wide rectangle link
  • material
    • 925 silver or
    • 925 silver with 14k gold plating