Glieder Kette mit Perlen in Gold Statement Piece ELIZA WEISS
Glieder Kette mit Perlen in Silber Statement Piece ELIZA WEISS

‘endless pearl mix’ | necklace

This beautiful necklace with baroque pearls is cool and feminine all at once. It seems to be endless, with a mix of wide rectangle links and pearls. The extraordinary clasp, in form of one rectangle link leaves the impression, that the necklace has no beginning and no end. Perfect in summer and a very special eyecatcher. Easy to combine with the ‘endless triangle mix Kette’ or with our ‘fine curbchain Kette’.


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  • a mix from,
    • wide rectangle links (approx. 7mm wide) and
    • ‘baroque pearls’ – fresh water pearls
  • necklace approx. 43cm
  • clasp looks like one wide rectangle link
  • material
    • 925 silver or
    • 925 silver with 14k gold plating