Armschmuck für Männer unisex Silber ELIZA WEISS
Ketten für Männer in Gold und Silber fein gliedrig ELIZA WEISS
Kette in Gold fein gliedrig unisex ELIZA WEISS
Ketten für Männer mit Amh
Schmuck für Männer in Gold mit Anhänger und MADONNA ELIZA WEISS

medium rectangle | necklace

A cool necklace with wide rectangular links, 45cm 0r 60cm in length. It looks fabulous on its own, but is also a great partner for all pendants from ELIZA WEISS e.g.: LOVE, Monogramm, Madonna, NUMEROLOGY, etc. Because of the wide links, the necklace is free adjustable in length.

UNISEX. This necklace is also available for WOMEN ‘medium rectangle’ necklace




189,00 1.299,00 

inkl. MwSt, zzgl. Versand

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  • necklace
    • 925 silver
    • 925 silver with 14k yellow gold plating or
    • 14k gold
  • wide, rectangular links, approx. 6mm long
  • faceted
  • length 45cm or 60cm long
  • length is free adjustable