Armspange 14kt oder 18kt Gold blank poliert unisex ELIZA WEISS
Armspange in Sterling Silber ELIZA WEISS
Armspangen in Gold und Silber ELIZA WEISS
Armspange für Männer in Silber oder Weißgold ELIZA WEISS
Armspange in Gold und Rosegold ELIZA WEISS

‘midi’ cuff sheer

This noble bangle is polished bright and bears two small triangles stamped by hand on the ends.

One size.

Custom made up on client order.

Please allow some manufacturing time.



249,00 3.490,00 

inkl. MwSt, zzgl. Versand

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  • bangle
    • 925er silver
    • 14k gold
    • 18k gold
  • two triangles stamped by hand
  • midi – wide approx. 6mm
  • one size

custom made up on client order

please allow some manufacturing time