Zahlenringe in Gold ELIZA WEISS
Panzerkette in Sterling Silber massiv Lasso Verschluss ELIZA WEISS
Zahlenringe Numerologie in Silber ELIZA WEISS
Zahlenringe Numerologie in Silber und Gold ELIZA WEISS

‘numerology’ | ring

Carry your personal lucky number on your finger! Choose your favorite number, the number of your loved ones, your birthdate or the date of a very personal moment. You can even combine two numbers. There are so many possibilites. Be creative and playful.

If you want to learn more about NUMEROLOGY, the mistery and meaning of numbers and your personal destiny number, then hop over to our article of astrologer and women’s business mentor Lori Haberkorn.

All rings are custom made upon client order (made to order).
Please allow some production time.
Individual ring sizes upon request.


349,00 799,00 

inkl. MwSt, zzgl. Versand

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  • number ring
    • 925 silver
    • 14k yellow gold
  • height of number approx. 2,5 cm
  • custom made upon client order (made to order)
  • please allow some production time
  • individual ring sizes upon request
  • rings in 14k gold with diamonds, prices upon request