Anhänger MONOGRAMM Silber und Gold  ELIZA WEISS
Kette in Silber mit Anhänger Zahlen LOVE MADONNA Muster ELIZA WEISS

‘Monogramm’ pendant | silver

Beautiful pendant, can be personalized with your monogram, initials, numbers etc.. The front is from VINTAGE lace and gives your pendant a special surface texture. Choose your personal pattern and interpretation from diffrent patters. Separately available  special curb chain necklace in 925 silver.



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  • monogram pendant
    • 925 silver
  • pendant approx. Ø 11mm
  • front 4 different surface texture
  • back sheer
  • personalizable
  • special curb chain necklace approx. 50cm long, available separately
  • gold plating (custom made up on client order)