Schmuckbox in offwhite ELIZA WEISS
Schmuckbox in offwhite ELIZA WEISS
Schmuckbox in offwhite ELIZA WEISS

jewelry pouch | vegan leather | offwhite

Say no to jewelry chaos! This pouch made from soft, vegan leather will be a life saver when you are on the go. Whether during your fitness session, a beauty treatment or while travelling, your jewelry is kept safe in this pouch. The perfect buddy for your jewelry stored in this nice muted white vegan leather. It is also the ideal present for your loved ones!


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  • soft, high end vegan leather
  • color: off-white
  • diameter approx. 8cm, height approx. 4,5cm
  • velvety inner lining, off-white
  • elastic inside compartment in the lid
  • zipper color: gold
  • ELIZA WEISS lettering in gold