Panzerkette mit feinen Gliedern in Silber ELIZA WEISS
Ketten mit Panzergliedern in Silber absolute Statements ELIZA WEISS
Ketten mit Panzergliedern in Silber und Gold absolute Statements ELIZA WEISS

‘fine curbchain’ | necklace

This curb chain with its wide-open links is a cool basic and also perfect for layering. The curb chain can be wonderfully combined with other chains, e.g. with our ‘wide curbchain’ necklace or our ‘endless pearl mix’ necklace but is also an absolute eye-catcher when worn alone. Unisex.


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  • fine curb chain
  • wide-open links
  • width of links: around 4 mm
  • length of chain: 50cm
  • carabine clasp
  • unisex
  • material:
    • 925 silver or
    • 925 silver with 14kt gold plating