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‘ELIZA WEISS linked’ | bracelet from 14k gold

A 14 kt solid gold chain linked forever with love. A minimal statement about permanence & simplicity. I believe in the power of togetherness. Yours, A tiny little 14k solid gold shain welded onto you forever. No clasp, perfectly fitted to your wrist. After we have determined the length of the chain together, it is placed around your wrist and the two ends are gently connected with an eyelet. Finally, this eyelet is welded together. The fitting of the bracelet is quick and completely painless. Only a small spark is visible. Your linked bracelet serves as a reminder, whether for a friendship, for a special event, for a relationship, as a connection between mother and daughter or simply a gift to yourself. This bracelet is another take on friendship bracelets that will last forever. A true companion and a meaningful experience. Where to get linked? individually & exclusivly available at

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Tennisarmband mit Diamanten aus 18kt Gelbgold ELIZA WEISSArmband mit Diamanten aus 18kt Gelbgold ELIZA WEISSArmband mit Diamanten aus 18kt Gelbgold ELIZA WEISSTennisarmband mit Diamanten aus 18kt Gelbgold ELIZA WEISSCreole mit Diamanten aus 18kt Gelbgold ELIZA WEISSSchmuck aus echt Gold mit Diamanten ELIZA WEISS

‘diamond cross’ | pendant (Kopie)

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‘diamond cross’ | pendant (Kopie)

Wonderful cross pendant. A true companion, that will bring you strength and confidence. Available in 14k or 18k solid gold. A real sparkler. Optional you can choose a snap ring, so you easily can hook the cross into your favorite hoop earring, a brilliant highlight!

5.990,00 6.690,00 
Armspange in Gold mit farbigen Verschluss ELIZA WEISSArm

‘Slim Cuff’ | gold

This is a very delicate bracelet, its colorful closure is a special accent. Available in 925 silver with 14k gold plating. One size. RESPONSIBLY HANDCRAFTED IN MUNICH


‘Slim Cuff’ | silver

Bright polished delicate bangle for the wrist made of silver. Colorful ribbons on the clasp make the colorful look perfect. One Size. RESPONSIBLY HANDCRAFTED IN MUNICH