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NUMEROLOGY – your personal lucky charm

I am more than happy, that I was able to team up with Lori Haberkorn for explaining to us the mystery of numerology and numbers, that you can find in my collection as pendants and rings. Lori Haberkorn is a Modern Mystic, Astrologer, Business Coach and Author. She is Author of the book ‘Die goldene Magie der Mondin’.

Happy and magical reading.
With love,


Everything is number.” Pythagoras’s belief couldn’t be more relevant today and explains our huge interest in the mysticism and symbolism of numbers. Behind the hype about angel numbers like 11:11 is a whole science – called numerology. 

We are all connected, as humans but also to the universe and all these secret messages we constantly receive as reminders of the bigger picture.

Examples such as the widely-celebrated 11:11 which gained its own massive hype on the internet, are not only acknowledged by lovers of spirituality but serve as a general symbol for magic. So does our individual birth date that we can see in the most random constellations, e.g. when looking at the phone and seeing our exact birthdate as the current time on the clock.

You might ask yourself why we love particular number sequences and the answer to this is surprisingly simple. Every number embodies a specific piece of information and this deeper meaning touches our subconsciousness, no matter if we have experience in this field or not.

The science of numerology truly radiates magic and it’s particularly interesting to see that its origins are rooted 9.000 b.c. in ancient cultures such as Babylonia and Egypt. There wasn’t any culture or any society that wouldn’t apply numerology. Numbers did not only help to count and measure but also to give insights into the meaning of life.

By philosophers, scientists or mathematicians – each and every one of them knew about the quality and energy of numbers. Numbers portray our personality, help us to decode messages and can tell us more about our aims in life.

We gain access to the meaning of our birthdate, our personality, our hidden talents, our mission and purpose and we can even get advice on our individual path of life thanks to the help of numerology.

Connected to the major codes of the universe, astrology and the higher essence of spirituality, numerology is a key tool in encoding digits and number sequences

Let’s get to the exciting part of numerology:
Calculating your very own mission in life!

Your destiny number is one of the most important numbers of life because its foundation is rooted in your birthdate. With this number, you can learn more about your cosmic challenge in life and what energy is needed to shine bright like a diamond and live life to the fullest, according to your life purpose. Every human being came to earth with an individual mission and for a specific reason. So do you already know yours?

To calculate your destiny number you can use every date that indicates a new beginning. May it be your very own birthdate or another date that meant a fresh start for you. E.g. a wedding, the date of starting your own business, the date when you moved to a new country – all of these dates receive their individual destiny numbers and by this also their specific qualities and mission.

Within the science of numerology, we make use of the pure essence of numbers, the sequence between 0-9 and while working with our personal numbers, we rely on this original sequence.

Here is an example:
Imagine you were born on 16.04.1994. To calculate your birthday and thereby your destiny number, you add up the individual numbers:

The number of the day 16 added up is 1 + 6 = 7.

The number of the month added up is 0 + 4 = 4.

The number of the year is 1 + 9 + 9 + 4 = 23

If we now take the sum of all these three numbers (7 + 4 + 23), we receive the double-digit number 34 which we then again break down into 3 + 4 = 7 to receive a single-digit number. If you were born on 16.04.1994 your destiny number would be 7 which energies and qualities help you reach your full potential.

Once you practise this concept a few times you can easily apply numerology to all sorts of numbers and dates and get more and more aligned with the magical messages of the universe. Your calculated numbers become your lucky charm for your life and will remind you of your mission and purpose here in life.

The ten magical numbers:


Quality: New beginnings, renewal, change, wisdom, awakening, growth

Be mindful of: Internal restlessness, sensitivity

→ The brave Adventurer



Quality: Unity, vision, manifestation, willpower, creation, magic, trust

Be mindful of: Perfectionism, control

→ The creative Magician



Quality: Duality, balance, harmony, omniscience, intuition, sensitivity, empathy

Be mindful of: Indecisiveness, vulnerability

→ The inner wise Woman



Quality: Creativity, expression, energy, optimism, luck, pleasure, inspiration

Be mindful of: Need for admiration, stubbornness

→ The energetic Goddess



Quality: Stability, security, stamina, patience, discipline, rationality, responsibility

Be mindful of: Limiting yourself, intellectuality

→ The grounded Leader



Quality: Free spirit, open-mindedness, communication, tolerance, purpose, adventure, travels

Be mindful of: Restlessness, repression

→ The free Spirit



Quality: Integrity, love, peace, justice, family, care, healing

Be mindful of: jealousy, self-doubts

→ The healing Lover



Quality: Mystic, magic, universe, spirituality, fullness of life, trust in the universe, wisdom

Be mindful of: self-delusion, fear of being misunderstood

→ The modern Mystic



Quality: Infinity, abundance, indepence, power, ambition, success, magnetism

Be mindful of: workaholism, pride

→ The golden Queen



Quality: Universal love, empathy, altruism, idealism, transformation, perfection

Be mindful of: Resignation, indecisiveness

→ The loving Guru[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]