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The ‘ELIZA WEISS linked’ bracelet from 14k gold is a statement of permanence and elegant simplicity. Forever connecting this very personal statement to its wearers. This delicate bracelet is a permanent and meaningful reminder  and symbol of personal bonding.

The #elizafam members, we want to introduce to you today and in the future, also share a special bond for life, a friendship, family bonding or any other kind of personal connection, that is revealed through wearing this wonderful piece of jewelry. Stay curious, many fascinating stories are on its way…

Enjoy reading.
With love,

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1. Please introduce each other to us.

Karoline is itroducing Barbara:
“Barbara is fearless and never gets discouraged. She goes “with her head through the wall” when she has to, is absolutely assertive – a typical Aries woman. Barbara is close to nature and yet style-conscious, completely uncomplicated, self-confident, loyal, generous and a loving and cool mother with exquisite taste. That she tends to be unpunctual is forgiven at this point ;-)”

Barbara is introducing Karoline:
“Karoline is understanding, open and uncomplicated. She meets everything and everyone with absolute openness and is always positive about new things. She is never pushy, but still stands out immediately because of her manner and appearance. She is the type who comes across as likeable, whether she is new to the group or not. She is helpful, generous and outgoing and intuitively has the right touch when it comes to style. Karo is a wonderful mother and wife and indulges in attention to detail both professionally and personally. Results should show with her right away and not be delayed. After all, her patience is limited, which quickly became apparent when she had track and field ambitions in our youth. I am the perseverance type, she the sprinter type.”

2. How are you both „linked“ and since when?

“We have known each other since the first grade of primary school and were inseparable from the beginning. Even when Barbara moved with her family after a few years, that didn’t change our friendship. We know each other’s entire life story in principle, share many interests and preferences, have similar tastes. We can always rely on each other and even if we don’t talk on the phone every day and sometimes don’t see each other for a fortnight, it is still always as if we had never been apart. You could say that we are not linked by a specific event but by our long history together, our shared experiences, our deep bond. We are united by the fact that we tick in the same way, share the same values and understand each other even without big words.”

“Stealing horses” in every sense of the word. We are both always up for adventures and one can rely on the other when it counts. We have known each other for ages and have lived each other’s life story, so to speak. Even if we hear or see each other sometimes often, sometimes less often, our friendship remains and we always stay “connected” somehow. We have common interests and preferences, and usually agree on matters of taste and style. We see many things similarly, have a similar outlook on life and we simply understand each other even without big words. We are different in character but share the same ideals, principles and values.”

3. Which 3 keywords do you associate with ‚ELIZA WEISS linked‘ bracelet made of 14k gold?

Simplicity – ‘simple but significant’

An (almost) invisible bond, like our friendship: connected, timeless, real.

4. Tell us about one of your most beautiful moments together.

“Oh, I can think of a few, for example the moment when she told me she was pregnant, or the Florence + The Machine concert in Munich. In the long years that we have known each other, we have of course experienced and shared some beautiful moments together. But from the last few years, our trip to Marrakech in 2018 is still particularly memorable. The great hotel and especially the horse riding in the desert was great in this barren landscape.”

“Since we have known each other for almost our entire lives, there are many moments. But true to the motto “a little party never killed nobody”, Karoline’s wedding was certainly one of the most beautiful days and mornings. Party-Partners in crime forever. But also our adventurous trips on horseback from an early age and our mostly spontaneous trips together, e.g. to the Moroccan desert, remain in our memories.”

Thank you both so much for letting us know more about your bonding and wonderful frienship!

Arrangement/PR: Nadia Tschenett
Photography: Luca Meneghel
Location: Villa Arnica
H/M: Maria Elena Miori

Karoline is wearing:
‘ELIZA WEISS linked’ Armband
‘bold triangle curbchain’ Kette short and long variant, silver
‘bold hoop’ Creole, XL, silver
‘fine hoop’ Creole, XS, silver
‘signet’ Ring, silver
‘multi facet’ Ring, offwhite

Barbara is wearing:
‘ELIZA WEISS linked’ Armband
‘endless pearl mix’ Kette, gold
‘endless rectangle 2in1’ Kette, gold
‘triangle hoop’ Creole, gold
‘fine hoop’ Creole, XS, gold
‘mini hoop’ Creole, 14k gold[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]