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The ‘ELIZA WEISS linked’ bracelet from 14k gold is a statement of permanence and elegant simplicity. Forever connecting this very personal statement to its wearers. This delicate bracelet is a permanent and meaningful reminder  and symbol of personal bonding.

The #elizafam members, we want to introduce to you today and in the future, also share a special bond for life, a friendship, family bonding or any other kind of personal connection, that is revealed through wearing this wonderful piece of jewelry. Stay curious, many fascinating stories are on its way…

Enjoy reading.
With love,

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Let me introduce to you our second #elizafam members: Tanja & Theresa. Mother & daughter with a special bond. Tanja Seidl is the founder and creative director of T&t Stories, an emerging brand of stylish, high quality and locally produced fashion. The collection reflects Tanja’s exquisite style and taste, which she has definitely passed on to Theresa. Theresa ist the little ‘t’ of T&t Stories, which originally started as ablogzine and styling inspiration and then evolved into a fashion business. We did ask them a few questions:

1. Please introduce each other to us:

“Theresa is absolutely a dream child… already the pregnancy was pleasing and without complications. I don’t know if there are any correlations – my eyes become a bit watery as I hold back my tears – but Theresa is absolutely a charismatic person, sweet, lovely, and adorable. For sure, also discipline is
one of her strengths. You can believe it or not, but I hardly can remember any argument in the past years. I really love it, when she is strolling through my closet and is picking some pieces for herself, she wants to borrow. Certainly, this will happen more often soon, because Theresa is planning to have
the center of her life here in Munich, where I can have her near by my side from now on.”

“Tanja is my Mum and the best, most adorable, most loving, and most stylish Mum, ever! She keeps our family together and it seemed that she raised my two brothers and me complete naturally, simple and uncomplicated. Some characteristics of my Mum I really appreciate – and that likely were handed down on me – are e.g., her remarkable talent to get in touch and have deep and personal conversations with all kinds of different people, especially with women. Superficiality means nothing to her! Her communication talent even helps her for her business at T&t Stories, when keeping a close relationship to her
customers. She belongs to the kind of women, who directly realize the ideas they have in mind… perhaps sometimes a little bit fierce and rash. But she’s one of the movers and shakers!”

2. How are you both ‘linked’ and since when?

“Since an evening in September, 6:24pm, 1996 and 9 months of pleasant anticipation… a mother and daughter relationship and bonding with all the ups and downs, but you can count the down moments on one hand… Visually it is no match, but if you know us a little bit better, you will recognize, that we share the
same values and are similar in character.”

“Everything I know about fashion and style consciousness, I got from her 😊
I also learned from her, having the courage to realize ideas, and trying uncertain things. True to the motto: Just do it! We are ‘linked’ through our same values, through all the small and big moments in life together so far. And many more to come!”

3. Which 3 keyword do you associate with ‚ELIZA WEISS linked‘ bracelet made of 14k gold?

sweet, magical, special

A bonding between mother and daughter: intimate, truly real, delicate

4. Tell us about one of your most beautiful moments together.

“In September 2016 Theresa had to move to Vienna for her study. We drove together in a completely overloaded truck to the new city, strolled through all Ikeas, vintage stores, and flea markets, to furnish and find all the interior pieces for her unbelievable beautiful flat in an old Vienna building. We were so overwhelmed by this project, that we took a video while dancing in the flat, that we did upload afterwards to our family chat. This was a so emotional moment for me, feeling happy and grateful, leaving Theresa in a wonderful surrounding and offering her the best start for a demanding study ahead.”

“Okay, there comes a lot into my mind! A while ago, when Mum was still working for Lufthansa as a stewardess, she had sometimes (exceptionally) the chance to excuse me from school and take me to short trips. During the flights it was always really exciting to watch the service from her (stewardess) perspective. Sometimes I was allowed to help, and I listened to the stories that were told by the cabin crew and her colleagues about some passengers. My mum always managed to be different through her manner and style (also in uniform), she always looked more fashionable! In Hong Kong, she took me to a mall full of no-name/unknown small Chinese labels, row by row. Everything was colorful, extraordinary, everywhere were mirrors, completely different to Europe. We tried on everything and finally bought some pieces, that we were able to present back in Munich. With smiling faces we came back to our hotel room, ordered room service, and watched TV in our bath robes 😊 In autumn we went to New York – that was not minor cool.”

Thank you so much, Tanja and Theresa, for letting us know a little bit  of your special mother and daughter bonding and for being part of #ELIZA WEISS family’. 

Arrangement/PR: Nadia Tschenett
Photography: Quirin Siegert
H/M: Joana Greimers
Mode/Styling: yu’ll find the full collection at T&t Stories

Tanja is wearing:
‘ELIZA WEISS linked’ Armband
‘bold triangle curbchain’ Kette short version, silver
‘wide curbchain lariat’ lariat-necklace, silver
‘rolling around MAXI Mono Ohrring’, silver
‘rolling around’ Ohrring, front & back, silver
‘hexagon & ridge’ Ring, silver
‘multi facet’ Ring, offwhite

Theresa is wearing:
‘ELIZA WEISS linked’ Armband
‘endless triangle mix’ Kette, silver
‘endless rectangle 2in1’ Kette, gold
‘LOVE lariat’ Lasso Kette, gold
‘rectangle’ Ohrringe, gold
‘fine triangle’ Earcuff, gold
‘rolling around’ Earcuff, gold
‘signet’ Ring, 14k gold
‘hexagon & ridge’ Ring, 14k gold
‘multi facet’ Ring, offwhite[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]